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for internally displaced persons

There are 6.6 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine as a result of military actions. Ukrainian state programs should provide almost 600 thousand apartments for displaced people. But what should other families do?


Co-living and co-working centers, that are nowadays popular in Europe, can be a temporary effective solution. The concept includes a house that has room for 10-20 families in personal space as well as common areas like kitchen and laundry. In addition, they have a place to work, which allows people to work remotely.


  • Selection of an object among hostels, hotels, other real estate.

  • Calculation of the repair project and discussion of the terms of the lease / purchase. 

  • Obtaining state support from local administrations of the selected region.

  • Applying for government reimbursement or grants.

  • Selection process for cohabiting families.

  • Accommodation in co-living and co-working centers.

  • Refinement of project economics and strategies for further facilities use after the end of the program. 

  • Development and delivering to the recipients of the conditions for the allocation of housing.

  • Space preparation (repair, furniture purchase, etc).

Project algorithm


€ 270 000 – 450 000

Depending on a project scale, quantity of aid recipients, location and facilities.

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