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One of the difficult moments of being in a war zone for civilians is the suddenness of hostilities and possible occupation, when there is no possibility to cook food, buy it in a store or even get out of bomb shelters. In this case, a stock of pre-prepared sets of products, located in critical infrastructure facilities or at the disposal of the city government, is needed. 


The daily rations of long-term storage could be given to the population at the most needed moment or transferred to hot spots.


Three main entrees (examples):

  • Canned meat or fish

  • Canned porridge with meat

  • Canned beans

  • Instant porridge 

  • Instant soup

  • Dried fruits / cereal bar

  • Biscuit / crackers

  • Jam

  • Cookies

  • Tea 

  • Coffee 

  • Matches 

  • Salt, pepper and sugar

  • Paper napkins

  • Plastic cutlery

  • Chewing gum

Contents of the kit

Food components are planned to be consumed without the need for additional preparation.



1 000

 16 000

5 000

 80 000

The budget includes shipping  and customs costs, organizational support and end-point delivery and vary from the country of purchase. The set of items could be adapted. We are open to both money and grocery donations. 


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