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on safe behaviour

Do you know what to do when there is no electricity, water, or gas for a week? How to cook food for the family? Where to find drinking water? How to provide first aid in case of injury? Where is the best place to hide under fire?


Ukrainians in the war zone, from children to pensioners, have been asking these questions almost every day since February 24th. It is crucial to give them competent answers.


Jointly with an expert in military affairs, adaptation, survival, psychologists and doctors, few training courses have been developed for civilians to help to gain knowledge and skills on how to survive during the war.  Speaker, Gleb Skorobogatov, the founder of SKORO brand (equipment for tourism and survival), more than 20 years of experience in testing survival techniques and overcoming extreme situations,  52K subscribers on YouTube.


The goal of the project is to regularly conduct courses and classes both for children and adults on adaptation to an emergency situation, response to military actions and security of oneself and relatives.


Workshops for children

Trainings and workshops for adults

Trainings and workshops for group leaders

5-11 school classes:

  • Safe places

  • Equipment

  • Shelters


  • Preparing home for various scenarios

  • Equipment for the car and evacuation

  • Stabilization of the emotional state

  • Evacuation and shelter

Teachers, Doctors, City Administration, etc.:

  • Stabilization of the emotional state of oneself and others

  • Equipment for the car and evacuation

  • Evacuation and shelter

  • First medical aid

2 hours training could be delivered up to 30 ppl and cost € 250


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