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6 million


face problems with access to drinking water according to UNICEF

every 4th near zone 0 has not enough water to satisfy sanitary and hygienic needs

46 million


is the potential volume of emissions of pollutants during the war from all sources including water

Loss of water supply is always sudden, terrible news for settlements. This is especially felt in small villages, which are not the first to be repaired. Due to constant shelling or occupation, residents may be left without access to drinking water, even if there are wells on the territory of the village.  


In this case, mobile personal filters, which are widely used by volunteers and paramedics from zone 0, have proven themselves. The availability of a reserve of such filters under the records of the city administration can ensure a quick response to emergency situations in the event of a water supply shutdown or occupation.


Portable water filters for paramedics

Ceramic deep filter eliminates bacteria, protozoa and other pathogens due to the special structure of the ceramic cartridge. Microorganisms cannot pass through the pores of ceramics due to their size exceeding 0.2 µm = 0.0002 mm. Unlike disposable filters, ceramics can be cleaned many times. 

Output: 1 l / min

Capacity: up to 50 000 l

Price: € 380-400

Mobile water purification systems

Repair of water supply ways

Drinking water delivery to people and hospitals

Development of water wells

Katadyn pocket filter

We are open for reliable ideas that could provide people with drinking water. With our worldwide and Ukrainian network of partners and team members, we are ready to implement suggested projects and deliver the solutions to Ukrainian cities.


1 family up to 5 ppl


1 house of 120 families

 48 000

1 village of 3000 ppl

 240 000

The budget is given on the examples of the purchase of pocket filters. The budget does not include transport and customs costs, organizational support and delivery to the final destination and depends on the country of purchase of goods.

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