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for Ukrainian kids

The heating season for Ukraine this year will be very unpredictable: due to low voltage, problems with access to repair works because of hostilities, interruptions in heating are expected.


Thus, children's hospitals and institutions for kids’ support are asking the world community for help with warming little Ukrainians.


Mobile space heaters

Heated blankets


Warm clothes

  • Convector heaters

  • Infrared heaters

  • Fan heaters

  • Power generators for uninterrupted power supply

It is highly recommended to make an additional purchase of a heat-saving screens to preserve heat for a long term.

  • Winter sleeping blankets

  • Plaids and wraps

  • Thermal blankets

  • Jackets and coats

  • Sweaters and pants

  • Thermal underwear and socks

  • Winter pajamas

  • Accessories (hats, mittens, scarves)

We are open for reliable ideas that could provide help in the upcoming winter season. With our worldwide and Ukrainian network of partners and team members, we are ready to implement suggested projects and deliver the solutions to Ukrainians.

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