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We are committed to helping Ukraine in its recovery
from the war consequences

Priorities of the present situation put people’s lives and safety at the center of every our action and decision. We continuously analyze the current needs of the Ukrainian community and initiate appropriate projects to fulfil these requests.


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Humanitarian jeeps
for Izyum defenders

Two cars are planned to be handed over to the defenders in the Izyum direction for means of communication with the front-line zones.

The donated amount is €10 000 and includes not only the cars but the logistics, maintenance, painting in a protective khaki color.

The cars will be handed over to the defenders, and they will serve on the front line soon.

Advisory and support shelters

A new helping center has been launched in July. It is allocated in Chernivtsi, the western Ukraine to provide informative and administrative assistance to displaced persons.

The western Ukraine is a hub for Ukrainians who are forced to move out of the war areas in search of shelter and safe life.

We designed an advisory and support shelter, aimed to help sort through the glut of information about the possibilities of internal relocation or temporary accommodation abroad.

Trainings for civilians on safe behaviour

An expert on behavior in extreme situations, at the request of our foundation, has developed two practical training programs for children and adults. They will help to get information and concrete examples of how to behave in difficult sorcumstances of occupation, during hostilities, etc. 

The program includes:

  • Preparing home for various scenarios.

  • Stabilization of the emotional state of oneself and others.

  • Equipment for the car and evacuation.

  • Evacuation and shelter.

  • First medical aid.  

Humanitarian aid delivery

We continuously collect humanitarian aid in Spain to deliver it to Ukraine for people affected by hostilities.

At the moment, jointly with the General Consulate of Ukraine in Barcelona, the City Council and Civil Protection of Sant Fost de Campsentelles, clothing, bedding, children's items and utensils are being collected and classified for later delivery. Previous deliveries of 80 pallets arrived in September and 60 pallets in October.

The nearest planned delivery is scheduled for October and will be sent to Ukrainian internally displaced persons.

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Every member of our global team
contributes to the mission of UAreGENERATION foundation

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We are joint in supporting Ukraine with our partners

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Transparency, targeting
and rationality

are the basis for
operating our projects

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