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In the pre-war times we were known as businessmen in IT, media and cryptocurrency community, representatives of the public sector and entrepreneurs in various fields.

Now we are becoming the initiators of charitable foundation in response to the actual needs of Ukrainian people.  

In every our moment we are people willing to support Ukraine in enduring the war and recovering.



Jesus Alonso

He was born in Soria, a small town in Spain, where he spent his youth. Among other areas, he is a professional graphic designer and photographer, founder of an advertising and communication company, which is his main activity today. He has clients from different fields and geographical points. For a long time he combined this activity with teaching graphic design and web design.


From a very young age he has been involved in social projects. He began sponsoring 2 children from countries without resources until their maturity, than he collaborated with the Spanish Association Against Cancer, with the Red Cross, Acnur and some other NGOs. For more than 10 years he has been a very active volunteer for a citizen platform that fights against the territorial imbalance, which seriously affects his region. On a voluntary basis, he has also chaired DIS (Association of Designers of Soria) for 9 years and is part of the Board of Directors of READ (Spanish Network of Design Associations).

His relationship with Ukraine began in 2004, when he met his current partner, a native of Kyiv. He has traveled to the country 20 times, and maintains close ties with friends, acquaintances and relatives in Ukraine, of which he already feels like a citizen.


Oleksandr Ostapenko

He has many years of experience in work and business activities in various countries of the world to implement leading practices in the territory of his homeland - Ukraine. Having two higher educations in the field of economics and law, Oleksandr's main vector or work is the search, launching and development of investment-attractive projects and socio-economic development projects. For 20 years, he has been obtaining positions of Advisor to Supervisory Boards of global and Ukrainian companies in the field of IT, GovTech, banking and financial services, energy, agribusiness and others.

He supports and participaits in the development of state projects and GR direction in companies in Ukraine, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Georgia, etc, interacts with state authorities on investment protection issues and investment climate development, as well as facilitates GovTech projects - solutions to simplify relations and build trust between the state and citizens.

He initiated the creation of this Foundation to help Ukraine during the war and in its recovery.
Extensive experience in attracting investments to Ukraine as well as a wide international network help Oleksandr to build partnerships with the Foundastion's donors.


Maria Miorhsnykova_edited.jpg
Maria Miroshnykova

The main geography of acquisition and implementation of Maria's experience is Ukraine, her motherlad. There, Maria devoted her career to the development of state projects of all-Ukrainian scale as a team member of the Office of the President of Ukraine, as well as leading management positions in large companies in various fields: aviation, retail and building the client sector.

She has teaching experience in the field of Foreign Economic Management and Communications, which is used in establishing international relations of the fund, as well as many years of experience in business development and customer care (building and managing sales, marketing strategy and processes and customer service).

The beginning of the war in Ukraine prompted her to use her experience in managing large projects, focusing on the development of charitable initiatives.


Our team is presented by dedicated project managers and volunteers from Spain, Ukraine and even from all over the world, many of whom put their usual work on hold to help Ukrainians.

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