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Today the whole world is joined in helping Ukraine that is suffering from Russian military aggression: information support and tons of humanitarian aid, demonstrations for peace and shipments of weapons, government sanctions and voluntary donations – true help by word and by deed.


UAreGENERATION Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to helping Ukraine in its recovery from the war consequences by funding and organizing a range of philanthropic projects.


The foundation has a status of a non-profit organization, based in Barcelona, Spain, whose assets, income and resources obtained are permanently affected by the performance of the purposes of general interest provided for in its statutes. The Foundation has its own legal personality and possesses full legal capacity in accordance with founding letter in public deed and registration in the Register of Foundations of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


We fully support Ukraine in defending its freedom and building a strong democratic society. Our goal is to provide the right help at the right time contributing to the recovery of war. The main Regaining power and health. Rebuilding of infrastructure. Re-establishment of development initiatives. Total regeneration.


Up-to-date information for Ukrainian refugees about staying abroad and safe return to Ukraine


Funding and organizing humanitarian aid collections


Raising awareness throughout the world about Ukraine and possibilities to help


Central & Western Ukraine

Information and advisory assistance for displaced persons before making a decision on internal or external resettlement


Points of information assistance and consultations for displaced persons


Humanitarian aid (clothing, food, baby goods, etc.)


War Zones


Supply of auxiliary vehicles

Optical and video devices, batteries and other equipment

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Purchase of personal protective equipment and tactical clothing

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